Class Information

Parent & Me
Ages 0-24 months

This is a 1 hour creative movement class filled with music, dance, props, games and lots of fun! This class is the perfect introduction for your tiny dancer 0 - 24 months. Little ones have many special people in their lives and we welcome any adult that would like to participate with their tiny dancer.

Ages 2-5

Children are introduced to basic dance vocabulary and are taught song and dance routines especially choreographed for young children. Classes are designed to develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm, balance, and flexibility. Classes consist of creative movement, pre-ballet, rhythms, and tumbling. At age 4, classes include tap.

Ages 5-7

Combination classes include ballet, tap, and jazz movement. Dance vocabulary is expanded. Proper ballet alignment and technique are emphasized. More advanced rhythms and tap steps are introduced. Jazz movement includes basic jazz technique along with combinations incorporating current dance trends. Some tumbling is also taught in our Kinderdance classes.

Individual Classes:
8 & Up

Separate classes are taught in the following areas: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary. Class lengths vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the class level. Students are placed in the appropriate level by ability and age. Each of these classes will incorporate technique, progressions across the floor and a combination of moves pertinent to the respective discipline.

Company Classes

Being an AAD Company Member is a privilege and all members are expected to carry themselves to the highest standard. Class attendance and being prepared for class is mandatory. AAD Company Members are to be respectful ambassadors of our studio at all times.

Dance Team

Our Dance team classes focus on dance team techniques from pom, jazz, hip hop, and leaps & turns. Thinking of trying out for school's dance team or dancing on a collegiate level? This is a great class to help prepare for any upcoming dance team tryouts!